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Bean Bag Filling

It's a well known fact that some bean bags do not come adequately filled and that beans do reduce in size after a lot of use.

So what can you do to remedy this? The answer, buy a bean bag filling of course. Sometimes it is even cheaper to just buy a bean bag cover and the filling separately.

Of course you might even opt to make your own bean bag with fabric that you have laying around the home, you can buy one of these ban bag filling packs to fill it up and get it into use.

Top Bean Bag Fillers

1 cubic feet bean bag fillingOf course there are different size bean bag filling packs, the minimum amount you can buy is for 1 cubic feet of beans.

Just to give you an idea of what size bean bag filling pack you will require, a small baby bean bag requires 6 cubic feet of beans to completely fill it to the top. So a 1 cubic feet refill pack like this is just good to top up a small bean bag like a baby bean bag.

A giant bean bag requires around 25 cubic feet of beans to completely fill it to the top, a refill pack like this will not make any difference to a huge bean bag.

Just to make it clear, a small 1 cubic feet filling pack of beans like this is only good for topping up very small bean bags and cushions.

If you have a small pet bean bag then this bean bag filling pack will pop a bit of life back into it without any problems at all.

I will point out that the reviews on these bean bag refill packs are very good with customers stating that the beans are very good quality.

3 cubic feet bean bag fillingThis is a 3 cubic feet bean bag filling pack, there are 2 cubic feet available to buy too, however the 3 cubic feet are perfect for topping up baby bean bags.

These are polystyrene beans which are lovely and soft and will add some life back into a small deflated bean bag.

If you are looking for a complete refill for a small pet bean bag for your dog or cat then this is the refill pack size for you.

Of course, all the beans featured in the refill packs here are all completely fire retarded treated for ultimate safety.

Bean bags are a little tricky to refill, I should know, I have done plenty refills in my time, make sure you do this job outdoors, beans always end up on the floor no matter how many times you do it.

Reviews on these bean bag refills are excellent with customers stating that the polythene bag that they come in makes filling the bag a little easier.

6 cubic feet bean bag fillingThis is a 6 cubic feet bean bag filling which will top up any size bean bag nicely and add some much needed added comfort back into any bag.

It is better if bean bag refill packs come in a cotton stocking net type liner like this one, it makes putting them into the bag easier.

If you use a polystyrene bag then beans will stick to the sides and will be hard to get into the bean bag and it will be a very messy process.

This size bean bag refill pack will completely refill a baby bean bag and will add some life back into a giant bean bag.

If you want to completely revitalise a small bean bag or are making your own then this is the pack for you.

Reviews for these refill packs are very good with customers stating that the beans are of good quality and are good value for money.

More Bean Bag Filler

Of course there are bigger bean bag filling packs available for giant bean bags, you can view more and read reviews over at or, you can buy big packs for giant bean bags too.

The video below shows you how easy it is to completely refill a bean bag in under 60 seconds, remember to do it outside to avoid any mess indoors.

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