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Top Baby Bean Bags

Below you will find a review of the top 3 baby bean bags for sale in the uk today. Each bean bag offers different options, which you should read about to know which is the right one for your baby to use.

Top 3 baby bean bag brands are:

  • Bambeano
  • Doomoo
  • Gaga

It is important to know that a baby bean bag can be used from birth. The bag should not be used when your baby starts to wriggle, they could then be in danger of flipping the bean bag onto themselves.

Top 3 Best Baby Bean Bag Chairs

Bambeano baby bean bagsIn at number one is the Bambeano baby bean bag, these bean bags are really well priced and look great too.

The only major problem with these bean bags for your baby is that they are only available to buy in one style in three different colours, other baby bean bag brands offer a lot more options than this.

The great thing about these bags is that they come with a free toddler bean bag cover, this means your child can still make use of the bean bag as they get older.

To make use of the toddler chair all you have to do is transfer the beans from the baby cover into the toddler cover, easy.

This means that your child will have the use of these bean bags from birth up until they are around eight years old, they will be getting a little big for the bean bag at this age.

Reviews on these baby bean bags are very good indeed, some parents go as far as stating that they are the best item that you can buy for your baby, they help them sleep too.

Bambeano reviews:

  1. The material is very strong and hardwearing, yet still soft for the baby to enjoy sleeping on there. This is the best item that I have bought for my baby by a long way, it is portable too, so we can take it camping with us.
  2. My little girl is going to use this for years to come, which is why I bought it because it comes with a free toddler bean bag cover. You just switch the beans from the baby bean bag into the toddler cover and your child has a new bean bag to use as they get bigger.
  3. I am so pleased with this bean bag it is a lovely item that is well worth the price. I have to say that it might be a bit small for some babies, so be sure to check the measurements before you buy to avoid disappointment.
  4. What a great piece of furniture this is, my little one loves to snuggle into it clutching her blanket. The cover is removable and easy to keep clean, it's worth every penny especially if you need something portable for your baby to sleep on.
  5. This is the best invention ever for babies to use. I don't know why I did not get one sooner, it is the only thing that my baby will get to sleep on. It is a must have item for your baby if it struggles to get to sleep because of colic.

Doomoo baby bean bagsThis is the Doomoo baby bean bag chair, it looks great and unlike the Bambeano is available for sale in the uk in many different styles and colours.

You are certain to find a baby bean bag by this brand that is going to fit in with the decor of your babies nursery.

All of the baby bean bags featured here have safety straps, this is the only one where the straps are removable.

There is a reason for it having removable straps, this is to allow the baby bean bag to be transformed into a toddler bean bag.

With this deal you get two covers, just like the Bambeano, this enables your child to use the bean bag as they get older from birth up to around 5 years old.

The only negative about these baby bean bags is that they are a lot more expensive than other brands and in most cases are double the price.

You can buy and read more about each baby bean bag chair by heading on over to, they reveal in depth about safety and which are the best brands and non baby bean bag brands to buy.

Doomoo baby bean bag reviews:

  1. The reason I bought a Doomoo is because it was available in a huge range of designs and colours. The designs are impressive and look so much better than the other brands and are definitely worth paying a little more for.
  2. The design is absolutely lovely, it is really very well made and well worth the money. My baby finds it hard to get to sleep in the day time because of bad colic, this bean bag has solved our problem with this.
  3. I saw that the Doomoo bean bags for babies are quite expensive and not as popular as the Bambeano and Gaga brands, however the designs are exquisite and I just had to have one. I am not disappointed, they are top of the range and well worth the spend.
  4. Not the cheapest brand on the market, which is my only negative here. The quality of the bean bag reflects in the price, these are top end of the market and you can see why. If you want the best quality baby bean bag that money can buy then this is it by a long way.
  5. Well what can I say, it is worth the money yes. It has a removable cover, which is very helpful and made it very easy to keep clean. The straps can be removed and are adjustable and it can be used when your child gets older. Would I recommend this bean bag for babies, I certainly would.

Gaga baby bean bagsThese have to be the most stylish baby bean bags that you can buy in the uk today, the only problem is that they do not transform into a toddler bean bag chair like the others do.

This is called the Gaga baby bean bag and will only really be utilized by your baby from birth to around six or seven weeks old to when your baby starts to wriggle, is it worth the money?

I would say that it is an expensive purchase because it can't be used when your child gets a little older into their toddler years like the other two baby bean bags can.

The great thing about these ben bags is that they are available in a whole range of funky colours and designs, they do look good.

Baby bean bags can definitely help babies sleep that suffer from colic, although it is dangerous for babies to sleep on them over night, you should not do this.

They also help with flat head syndrome which can occur from putting a baby on a hard floor all the time, putting your baby on a soft bean bag will eliminate this problem all together.

Gaga reviews:

  1. My little boy loves to get cosy on his bean bag, he loves sleeping on it. The only negative is that the straps look a little cheap and nasty compared to the rest of the bean bag simply because the material is so good.
  2. Went to my friends baby shower, did not know what to take until I came across this bean bag, so I purchased it, took it to the baby shower and it went down a storm. The mother to be absolutely loves it, what a great baby present it turned out to be.
  3. A bean bag for your baby is ever so convenient to have in the house, it has made my life as a mother so much easier. It is lightweight and easy to move around the home, it is easy to store away too, does not take up too much room.
  4. Great product for me newborn baby to use, wish I had bought one for my other daughter now. I do not know how I managed without a bean bag before. It comes in so handy I can tell you now, just get one, you won't regret it.
  5. My baby got too big for it at 5 months old and could not use it anymore, the straps can't be removed like they can with other brands. This means that when your baby gets too big it has to go into the cupboard or be sold.

Cheap Non-Branded Baby Bean Bag Chairs;

Fire truck non branded baby bean bagThere are some non branded baby bean bag chairs for sale under 30. You can see the full selection of branded and non branded bean bags for babies at

This particular non branded bean bag for new born babies and above come highly rated, although it can't change into a toddler chair.

The bag comes loosely filled with beans to ensure they move to the contours of your babies body to ensure maximum comfort.

As you can see it has a safety harness, just like the top brands do. The harness uses 3 points to connect up and will keep your little one secure and safe on the bag. If you do not care too much for this particular design do not panic, it is available to buy in a whopping 13 different designs and colour combinations. This one features the fire truck design, obviously aimed at baby boys.

There are girls designs available too at the same low prices. Some baby bean bags are not that long and will not last too long if you have a long baby. This bean bag measures 69 cm in length and is 53 cm wide, so it is pretty big. The cover is made from 100% cotton and is lovely and soft to touch, you baby will have no problems at all sleeping on this thing.

It is also filled with fire retardant beans, keeping it super safe on all fronts. The cover is removable and is machine washable, which is of course highly important. The incredibly soft material feels like an expensive bean bag, people will think that you have paid more for it and will want to know where you got it from.

There is a cute pet design that will be perfect for girls, features pet prints all over the bean bag cover, looks super cute indeed.

Birds cheap baby bean bagThis baby bean bag is also under 30 to buy in the UK. It is a birdie print bean bag that is very cute and lovely to look at. If you are looking for a portable baby sleeping unit then this is a superb choice, and it is a lot cheaper than the branded versions too.

The beans will wrap around your baby as though they are being cradled by a human, this is why a bean bag is the only place some babies will sleep other than in their parents arms. This too has a secure harness, when fastened your baby will be safe and secure on the bean bag.

The shape of this bean bag has been cleverly thought out, it has a slight incline which is done to prevent reflux. The bean bag is soft to lie on, it will make a great place to change your babies nappy. This will ensure your baby does not suffer the flat head syndrome which can occur from laying your baby on a hard surface all the time to change their nappy.

A newborn baby can use this bean bag and it can be used until your child starts to try and wriggle. It's a pretty amazing bean bag for the price, which is why the reviews are impressive to read through. It certainly beats getting your baby to use a bouncer, a bean bag is a great alternative.

More Baby Bean Bags

These are the top three branded baby bean bags to buy in the UK today, of course there are cheaper non branded bags available for babies to use which in most cases are just as good quality, read the reviews to find a good one.

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