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Best Bean Bag Bed

Looking for a cool yet cheap bean bag bed? Well take a look at these three very different bean bag beds for sale in the uk.

Each bean bag can be transformed into a bed, these are super useful to have around the home for unexpected sleep overs.

Top 3 Bean Bag Beds

Best bean bag bedNow this is called the Bean2Bed bean bag bed, it changes from a regular bean bag into a large bed that any adult can use in under 30 seconds.

I have to point out that they are not cheap though, they are for sale at around 400 pounds in the uk, very expensive.

You can buy them in cord or denim materials and the cover is removable and machine washable, you are going to need this feature if people are sleeping on it.

The bean bag is so big that it can actually be split into two adult size beds, these are going to be super handy to have around the home for when guests come over to stay.

The great use for these bean bags is that they are good for people that are short on space, great for students and for people that live in apartments.

All you have to so is un zip the bean bag cover and simply remove the two bed areas, it's that easy and really fast to do.

Corduroy bean bag bedThis is a cheap alternative to the Bean2Bed above, it is just as big, although it does not transform so that it is a flat bed, you can still sleep on them.

As you can see, the bean bag is absolutely massive, 1 large adult will be able to sleep on the bean bag very comfortably.

The bag is made from super soft corduroy and just look how stylish it is, every teenager would love one of these bean bags in their bedroom for when their friends come over to stay.

These are not cheap, although they are cheaper than the Bean2Bed being around 170 pounds to buy in the uk at most good online retailers of bean bags.

So how big is this bean bag bed, well it measures a huge 145 cm in diameter and is a massive 48 cm in height, so they are rather lathe then ey.

Not only will these bean bags look great in the bedroom but they are so stylish you could use them as a TV chair in the living room too.

Cord bean bag sofa bedIf you want a cheap alternative then why not go for a sofa bean bag bed, they are long enough to sleep on and they only cost around 50 pounds.

As you can see, it is only big enough for one adult to lie down and sleep on, although it could seat up to three adults when in sofa mode.

This is a corduroy bean bag sofa bed, they are available to buy in the uk made from leather and suede too.

The bean bag bed measures a huge 5 foot long and are surprisingly very comfortable to sleep on, although might be a little narrow for some.

The reviews on these bean bags are pretty good, as you would expect for a cheap alternative, if you want ultimate comfort then you are going to have to pay more.

Some say that the bean bags tip back when you sit on them so it will have to be used up against the wall, if you are a tall adult then you will find this a problem to sleep on.

More Bean Bag Beds

The only real bean bag bed made for this exact purpose is the Bean2Bed and they are expensive, you can buy a giant bean bag to sleep on as a cheaper alternative.

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