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Best Bean Bag Sofa

You can buy a bean bag sofa as a cheap alternative to buying an expensive three piece sofa set, in most cases they are a lot comfier.

A bean bag sofa can be as big as 6 foot long, yes you can lie down on them just like you can on a regular sofa, they are so easy to fall asleep on.

Top 3 Bean Bag Sofas

Best bean bag sofaThis is a five foot long corduroy bean bag sofa, they are great for use in the living room and in the bedroom.

If you are looking for something a little retro then corduroy is the way to go, they are so soft and snug to lie on.

If you need to know the exact measurements of this giant bean bag sofa then it is 30 cm in height, 152 cm in length and 69 cm wide.

The bag comes supplied with beans so this is not an add on or just a cover, they take quite a few beans to fill them up and are around 50 pounds to buy.

Reviews for these bean bags are really good with customers stating that they are really well made and great for the price.

These bean bags go down really well with students and teenagers, it's a great cheap way to add additional seating into your home.

Leather bean bag sofaIf you are looking for a very stylish bean bag sofa then you are going to love this faux leather one, it looks great.

These huge bean bags are available to buy in three different colours so there is certain to be one that fits in with your room decor.

They are available to buy in cream, black and brown and measure a huge six foot long and can easily seat two or three adults on them at the same time.

At the moment they are on sale and are priced around 100 pounds, they will look great in any room that they go into.

Reviews are good with many customers stating that they would definitely buy another one, they are very comfortable too.

Although it's not waterproof you can still use it outdoors on a nice dry day, they are easy to clean too, just wipe down with a damp cloth.

Bean bag sofa bedNow these bean bags are absolutely massive, it's a bean bag sofa bed, its transforms from a sofa into a huge bed that two adults can sleep on.

They are not cheap mind, for one of these you will be looking to pay around 400 pounds in the uk, they are good though and useful to have in the home if you have the cash for one that is.

You can buy this bean bag in cord or denim and as you would expect, because it can be used as a bed the covers can be removed and are machine washable.

It takes just 30 seconds to transform the sofa into a bed, great to have around if you get any overnight guests staying on a regular basis.

Students will absolutely love these, if you have a small space and need to maximise it then a bean bag bed will help loads.

Reviews are really good for these best bean bags even though they are expensive, if you have the cash for one and you think they will make your life easier then why not.

More Bean Bag Sofas

There is a load more bean bag sofa beds and just seats available to buy on the net, above are three very different ones to give you a good idea of what is out there.

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