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Best Huge Bean Bag Reviews

Looking to buy a huge bean bag in the uk? Well here we have reviewed three of the top rated huge bean bags for you to take a look at.

Top 3  Huge Bean Bag Chairs

If you want to buy any huge bean bag featured here just follow the link, there is also a more detailed review there as well as customer reviews on all these huge bean bags.

Huge Bean Bag Review

Faux leather huge bean bagThis huge bean bag is incredibly popular in the uk, this is because it is not only made from top quality material but it is massive too.

This huge bean bag is so big in fact that it can seat two large adults on it at the same time. You could use it as a sofa or just a giant gaming bean bag chair if you wish.

Benefits of this huge bean bag include it being large, so even if you are a big adult, heavy and over 6 foot tall you are still going to be able to get comfortable on this massive bean bag.

This bean bag is actually for sale under 100 pounds in the uk at, this is a good price, it normally retails at around 180 pounds, so you are getting a huge 44% saving here.

On and this bean bag has an impressive 5 out of 5 star rating, the customer reviews are excellent. You will not be disappointed if you buy this highly rated giant bean bag for 2.

These bean bags are very big, so make sure that you have enough room for it. The bag itself measures a huge 6 foot long, it is a whopper this one.

Good Points:

  • Good for large adults to use. Even 2 can fit on it at the same time.
  • Beans are supplied with the order. Which is good, lots of beans needed to fill it.
  • So big you can even lie down on it. Very versatile; use it as a bed, sofa or even a gaming chair.
  • Easy to clean; just wipe down.
  • Faux leather is top quality; looks like real leather.
  • Well made; double stitched to ensure it doesn't split open.
  • Great price; smaller bean bags are more expensive than this in the shops on the high street.
  • Great extra seating for when guests come over.
  • Very robust; great for kids and teenagers to use too.

Bad Points:

  • Very big, not easy to store away. Is a permanent piece of furniture. Fill the bag in the room you intent to use it in. Can be hard to move around.
  • Only available to buy in three colours; brown, black and cream.
  • Beans flatten over time, re-filling this bag with beans will be expensive.
  • You have to put the beans in the bag yourself when it arrives.

Polyester waterproof huge bean bagAlright, so we have seen the best faux leather huge bean bag, this is the best polyester huge bean bag cushion for adults.

So why get a huge bean bag made from polyester, well polyester is waterproof and is also incredibly strong making it the perfect bean bag material for use outdoors.

This is one giant bean bag measuring a huge six foot long and very nearly five foot wide. The best part is that it's many bean bags in one this one.

If you put this massive bean bag flat out on the floor it is a huge bean bag cushion, on its end it is a chair, and on its side it can be utilised as a sofa. It is certainly big enough for 2 adults to use at the same time.

Even though these bean bags are big they are actually pretty easy to move around, even kids will not have problems moving them from room to room or from the house into the garden.

These huge bean bags are available to buy in many different colours too, 12 in fact, so there is certainly going to be something here for everyone to enjoy.

You can buy this bean bag under 60 pounds at which is a massive 54% saving on the recommended retail price of 129.99 pounds.

Good Points:

  • Very comfortable even for large adults over 6 foot 4.
  • Very hardwearing material, they even make good dog beds.
  • Easy to clean, just wipe down with the cloth supplied.
  • Easy to shape beans to give good back, legs and arm support. Great for bad back sufferers.
  • Great for kids to use, they are so comfy to sleep on, good for sleep overs.

Bad Points:

  • Only available to buy and for delivery in the UK.
  • Hard for older people to get out of once you are sunk into it.
  • Have to fill the bean bag yourself, which can be a little messy. The beans are supplied with the bag.
  • Strong odour when you first get it out, goes after a few weeks though.
  • Being a string material it is rather rough.

Faux fur huge bean bag chairSo we have had a faux leather and polyester huge bean bag, now it is time to take a look at this giant fluffy bean bag made from faux fur. I know, it's hard to choose one out of these three isn't it?

This type of huge bean bag is the complete opposite to the polyester one. The polyester is so rough, these are incredibly soft, feels like you are floating on air when you sit on them.

The best thing about buying a huge fluffy bean bag is that they are great for the winter, the fluff and the beans keep you super snug and warm.

These bean bags are massive, although they are not as big as the two featured above. If you want something a little smaller and cosier, then this is the huge bean bag for you and your family.

These bean bags made from faux fur are very stylish too, they will look great in any room that they go into. Although they are probably not the best for house holds with small children in them, it will be hard getting sticky sweets out of the fur.

The good thing is that if you buy this huge bean bag from it is eligible for free uk delivery, they cost around 80 pounds to buy. The price does sound expensive, but considering the quality of the material it is actually a good buy.

Good Points:

  • Very furry and very good quality too.
  • Very reasonably priced.
  • Great as extra seating for when guests come over.
  • Comes with beans.
  • Looks a lot more expensive than it is, does not look cheap at all.
  • Many excellent customer reviews, read all at

Bad Points:

  • Faux fur bean bags to malt, although it stops after a few days, a week at the most.
  • Look at the dimension carefully, not as big in real life as the picture suggests. (Dimensions: 82 x 86 cm)
  • Wipe clean only. Not for young children to use.

Round Up

There we have it, a huge bean bag for everyone. Each and every one of these huge bean bags come highly regarded, whichever one you buy you will not be disappointed with it.

Each huge bean bag does have it's flaws, I hope that I have mentioned them all here so that you can make an educated decision on which huge bean bag you decide to buy.

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